Which Path to Take?

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well.

I know for some reason, even though I should be stressed, I am stupid happy. For those of you who signed up for the letters, they are coming out this week! I sent them out this Monday.

Today we are going to talk about Proverbs 1, but to start off, I just want to explain that I have really been digging into Proverbs lately, since I’ve been in college. This is just because it is the book of wisdom, and I feel as I get older, I need to grow in my wisdom, so I’m mentally ready for adulthood. I do not know if I’m wise enough yet, so that is why I started reading Proverbs more – so I can be even more ready.

Proverbs 1:10
“ My son, if sinful men entice you,
do not give in to them.”

Also Proverbs 1:15
“ My son, do not go along with them,
do not set foot on their paths;”

This was ultimately really challenging to me, and I’ve been trying to figure out what all entices me.

There are definitely sinful things that entice me, and verse 15 is telling me and you not to go along with them, or go in their paths. I was trying to figure out how this applies to our lives today. The one main thing I thought of was, for a lot of people, alcohol is an issue, It’s something that entices a lot of students and adults. It is something very enticing to people in a large range of age. As I was thinking through verse 15, I was trying to think, if someone is trying to stay away from something enticing, like alcohol for example, why would they stay friends and hang out with others who are constantly drinking it?
For some of us, we could just tell ourselves that it is because we want to make sure everyone is safe, and has a ride home, but I was hit with the question, “What do I gain from hanging out with them, when something enticing is around?”

This made me reflect and realize that there are a number of things that are enticing and I still surround myself with them, and it makes me want to stumble and fail.

So I’m deciding that I am not going to surround myself with enticing sinful things. Rather, I am going to surround myself with better relationships, people who will help me stay off of the foolish paths, and rather improve my path.

Thanks for popping in,

Raegan Coersmeyer

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