The College Experience

A Daughter of Grace,

Oh what a long time it has been! I am so sorry for not keeping current with my posts, but my life has been crazy since college has started. I told you all in my last post that I have an on-campus job as an Academic Peer Mentor. I wanted to update you all on that as well as life so far.

Classes are going well so there’s not much to say about that. But in regards to my position as an Academic Peer Mentor, I couldn’t be happier. I love every aspect of the job and the people in the Living Learning Community are wonderful. I love programming for this LLC and getting to know those that live in it.

My college experience, only being a sophomore, has been wonderful. But I wanted to tell you all a recent conversation that I had with a friend who is also an APM but for another LLC.

We were having lunch and discussing the question, “if we were rehired for next year, would we take it?” Of course, we have only been doing this job for a little over 2 months but it was a question that was realistic because of the coronavirus we could be sent home at any minute. As we were discussing, it was brought up that they wanted to live in an apartment eventually to have “the college experience.” Now it is totally true that, at least here, you spend 1 or 2 years in the dorm and then you move to either an apartment or a house. Although I didn’t disagree with my friend that they could get the college experience that way, I simply stated that “the college experience” is different for everyone and should be.

I’m totally okay with the way my college experience has been so far. Although, I’ll admit, I don’t have time to do some “normal college things,” I believe that the decisions I am making now will lead me to a wonderful college experience overall. My friend understood what I was saying and heard me out. But in the end, as to our decisions about whether or not we would come back is still to be debated.

As I watch the social media accounts that belong to people I graduated high school with or watching my OB friends go off to college, everyone is having a different experience with their college life. Even though we are having different experiences, we are still thriving. Some of us are completely online while others are living in the dorms. Some are dating while others are exploring life in their own. Some college members are pursuing a degree in ministry or sound engineering, as well as other things.

Everyone’s college experience is different and that’s okay. It’s not worth your time to compare experiences either. God places certain experiences in our life to help us grow. Not everyone grows in their relationship with Christ in the same way so we probably won’t all experience the same thing.

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee 🙂

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