Growing Your Relationship

Hey guys, happy Thursday.I hope you are having a good day.   

For those of you who read my last post, I hope you are all adjusting to the new things happening.   I’m still adjusting to college and the changes. The one major thing I’m missing is my mom’s cooking. The food in college is so different than a meal my mom would make. 

But I’ve figured out my schedule and my study groups.   God has already been working in my life and teaching me so much already and it’s only week two of school. 

Being a first year has been super stressful, but I have been given free time during my crazy days. I take that time to connect with friends and family back home. But most importantly, God. I’ve been trying to be very intentional with my time, and not just doing things that have no potential  for me to grow in my relationship with God.

Today that is what we are going to talk about;  how to grow in our relationship with God. 

So, how can we do that?

Talk with God-  this can mean praying with Him, or honestly just talking out loud, casually,  not making it like a formal prayer.

Prayer is really important; think about it like this- Think of one of the closest people to you in your life. You have conversations with them. 

Imagine if you never had a conversation with them EVER. Would you have a relationship with them? Probably not. Conversations can look different, but having them causes relationships to flourish.

Another way is…

Reading scriptures– This can look different for each person, but taking time to read the Bible.
Like I said, it can look different for  each person.   For me, I need to have background music, and take notes to understand what I’m reading. For a friend of mine, all he has to do is read the Bible once, and he will know exactly what he read. 

But this is important because we can learn a lot from what we read, and different passages in the BIble.

Another way is…

Be understanding– Be understanding that you are not in control.

That might make me sound like I’m crazy, but what I mean is that most of us get frustrated when things aren’t going our way. Trust me, I know I do. When my world gets flipped upside down, I get frustrated and tend not to realize the fact that God has such a huge plan for my life. I hate not being in control, but over the years God has taught me to give up control to Him, by giving me so many challenges all at once.

I’ll be honest,  this is a silly story, but when I was younger I would pray to God first and tell him if He didn’t answer my prayer in however long I needed, I would get mad and make Jesus my favorite. But, if Jesus didn’t answer my prayer quick enough, Jesus would be a least favorite. Then, I would pray to the Holy Spirit and make the Holy Spirit my favorite. I would base my prayers on whoever “answered the prayer the fastest.”  I had a list in my room, and it would have tallies by whoever answered my prayers the best. Obviously that is not how it works, and I can’t help but laugh at myself for the stubbornness I would have in prayer. 

I challenge myself and you guys this week to try and grow in your relationship with God in all or one of those ways. If you do it, let me know you are doing it, by either emailing me at: or comment on this post.

Good luck, and thank you for popping in,


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