My Life Since You Last Heard From Me

Here is a photo of me on the first day of move in!

Hello ADOG!

I am so sorry that I missed my last post, but my life has been a whirlwind lately. So to back track a little bit, back in February/March I was hired to be an Academic Peer Mentor for the Education Living Learning Community at Ball State University. Since I was hired, I was required to come back to school two weeks before the start of the semester for training. So on August 8th, I officially moved back to college. I started training the next day and boy has time flown. For the first week and a half I was here I was completing training on how to do my job and be a great role model here at BSU.

Officially, residents moved in this past Wednesday and Thursday and I have talked to a lot of people. I’ve been introducing myself and my job. I’ve been preparing for my first event and making sure all the details are in place. Unfortunately this year all events have to be virtual so I’m preparing to handle any technology disasters that may come my way.

But in regards to the future, today is the First Day of School. I feel so grateful to be back on campus and completing classes in person. I look forward to what God will put in my life this year and the challenges I might face.

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee 🙂

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