2 Wins-> 1 Week

Hey guys! This post is going to be super short! This week has been full of wins!

It started with me being able to see my brother AT HOME!! He is home!! He is doing better; he has a temporary IV. Garrett is moving around with crutches, but really well, honestly! It’s been great that he is home and we can relate on the whole hip surgery thing now! It’s funny!

ON THE TOPIC OF HIPS! I’m finally able to start learning how to jump and run! I also was kicking a soccer ball on Sunday and I had NO PAIN! Guys, God is so good! He has His own plan with everything, but when it all works out, it’s so great! These last couple of days have really reminded me to pray and thank God for the good things and not only for what I need/ want!

I challenge you guys to try and thank God for the good things and not only his needs!

Thank you so much for checking in,


ps the picture says, “I sorta missed you, but welcome to the life of early age hip problems. -Raegan

P.S. I missed bullying the family with you

One thought on “2 Wins-> 1 Week

  1. I am so glad Garrett is home and I know you are excited to be going off to college this weekend. I will miss you but hopefully if God let’s this world get back to normal your college will be great and we will see you when Christmas vacation gets here. As fast as this year is going it won’t be long. I am sorry we had to leave your party so soon but Robby was having a melt down about masks. You have a great college start and do good on the grades and save a day when you get home for Christmas vacation so you and I can go on our shopping lunch day. Best of luck on your journey I love you and give Garrett a hug for me. Love you Tauntie Carol

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