Prayers for My Brother

Hey guys! I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. I had a surgery last Wednesday and I wasn’t quite alert enough to write a post.
But guys, I need everyones prayers! Tuesday my brother started feeling really sick. My mom had to wait till after my surgery to get him in. They took him to the doctor Thursday morning and the doctor sent him to the hospital, because he had a super high fever and an achy leg.

At the hospital, they did a number of tests on him to figure out what was going on.
They finally did blood work and saw there was an infection in his blood. So they rushed him by ambulance to The Cleveland Clinic. While there, they found the infection was in his hip bone as well as in his blood stream.

At 2AM on Friday they called the surgeon in. He was able to remove most of the infection in his bone, but not his blood stream.

So for the next couple days he was in and out of the ICU either because his blood pressure was too low or because his oxygen was low also.

It’s been a roller coaster for my family. Through it all, I learned something very very important. I do not like asking for help from others. But a lot of this time while my brother was in the hospital I had to take care of my younger brother. This was an adventure – I didn’t sign up to be a mom to an eleven-year-old when I can’t even drive because of the surgery.
This whole time people have been asking me how they can help and truthfully I was not about to ask others for help.

Someone reminded me tho that it’s okay to need help and ask for it. He explained to me that when Moses split the sea with the staff, even he needed help. He couldn’t hold it on his own, he had others hold up his arms.
This was actually really important to me, because after I asked for help I found I had more time to connect with my brother at home.

Needless to say, through this all I’ve continued reading my Bible, and praying and it’s really helped me get through this.

Because Garrett is still in the hospital, but I remember it’s going to be okay.
And that God is in control even when things seem out of control.


Thanks for popping in,

3 thoughts on “Prayers for My Brother

  1. Thank you for letting us know about his progress. We have been praying and will continue to pray for all of you! God is able to give us the grace and strength. He is also able to heal and make whole. Trusting and believing God with you.

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  2. Raegan. You call me if you need to be driven any where I am here. For you any time I love my sweet girl. 216-642-0544. Aunt Carol

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  3. Raegan, you are such a sweet sister to Garrett……we have been praying for him and want you to know that we are asking God to be there for all of his needs and your familys needs. I am a good friend of your Grandma Irene…she keeps me posted so we will know what prayer you need most. God is with you

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