Hey! Thank you so much for stopping in today! I hope you are doing well!
I dont know how many of you viewed last weeks post, but we went to Wisconsin and had my grandfather’s funeral. Man, was that hard, but it was also so good.

I got to hear so many stories about my grandpa and how he liked to do work for God under cover. He didn’t want to do it for show and for the attention.

That reminded me of my boyfriend. I’ve been on trips with him and he does the odd jobs where he isn’t being watched or recognized. He is on a trip right now. I look at the pictures he’s sending me and he is still doing those hard labor jobs.

This is something I didn’t learn till was I older. I always wanted to be noticed if I was doing something for God. I wanted my parents to be proud, I wanted the praise from people here on Earth. But what I didn’t realize is how much better it is to do things for God without trying to get peoples’ approval. It’s soo much more rewarding.

It honestly is so different, but during the funeral that was something I really learned about my grandpa and something that I wanna replicate in my life. I want to live my life more undercover for God rather than reading my Bible on the corner for everyone to see. I want It to be more just me and God.

A lot of times, my work for God was just so I could get the praise of humans. But I now understand that really the only praise I need is from God!!

It’s more personal and more rewarding!

I challenge you guys this week to focus on doing things for God or with God more undercover, not to get the attention of others! See and feel the difference!

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