A General Life Update

Hello ADOG! I’m so glad you hopped on today! I hope that your summer is going well and you are staying safe. I didn’t really have an idea for a post to do this week, so I decided to do a little update, enjoy!

  • A couple of weekends ago I was able to see some of my OB friends while at Ali’s graduation party! We were all so happy to see each other and catch up. Congratulations Ali!
  • The church that I attend, First Christian, reopened!! For the past two weeks, we have been doing two services to help with social distancing and yesterday we finally went back to one service. It was awesome to see everyone again and worship together.
  • Saturday I made the decision to get my ears pierced! I’m really excited about them, but they are still sore.
  • My go to song right now is God Only Knows by For King & Country.
  • My latest hobby has been SOAP MAKING. I wasn’t really excited about getting a summer job this time, so I wanted to pick up a hobby that I could potentially make some money off of. A neighbor-hooding city does a farmers market every other Saturday and I was thinking that might be a cool opportunity for me.
  • My interesting find from these past two weeks is that Netflix has a show uploaded called “the American Bible Challenge.” Jeff Foxworthy is the host and it is such a hoot.

Thanks for taking this journey with me as I post every other Monday. It has been a pleasure to write for this blog. I’m really glad that Raegan gave me this opportunity.

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee 🙂

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