Doing Something Wrong For All The Right Reasons

Hey guys!! I hope you are all doing great!

Sorry for the delay in the post; life got crazy this week and I had physical therapy more days than I know what to do with!

Today I’m going to talk about something that was recently brought to my attention. I know some of you know about my life two summers ago and some of you don’t. But it’s OK if you do or you don’t. Long story short, I went on a missions trip for about a month in the state of California and it was very amazing!

However, I didn’t really realize until recently how much it changed me. Coming back was really hard for me. I just spent a whole month around Christians, sharing the gospel, doing what I loved, and just loving on people the way Jesus loves on them! I came back to Ohio, Medina, Ohio to be exact. It was nothing like Los Angeles. I didn’t have the same experiences.

I was on what people called a Jesus high – I wanted to do everything I could for Jesus. I wanted to have the kingdom grow, which is a great thing, but I did it wrong. In my junior year of high school, I pushed away a lot of people because I just wanted everybody to follow Jesus and experience what I experienced that summer.

At that moment, I didn’t really realize what I was doing wrong. I thought it was good, I thought I was bringing more people to Jesus by the way I was living life. But what I was really doing was pushing people away from me and Jesus. I lost a lot of friendships.

Last week, I was talking to my parents about this and they brought up how it was hard to watch my junior year. I had no friends, I had nothing to do, there were a lot of factors that played into that, but a huge factor was just me never coming back to reality. I was used to the life of missions, not the normal life of Ohio.

I know with me going to a Christian college I’m going to be in that tight-knit Christian community again. But I’m gonna have to remember that life isn’t always like that, and I’m gonna have to be ready to adapt and still love the Lord and do things for him but also walk on Earth.

I know for a lot of us, our plans for the summer have been cancelled. I also know some of us are still able to do what they want this summer. I just pray that when you come back, you understand that life‘s gonna be different, and I hope there’s somebody there to help you adapt.

Because you need someone to help you adapt back to normal life and not missions trip life. It’s a lot different. I didn’t realize till recently that there is a new way to do it. Which we will talk about next week!

Thanks for popping in,

2 thoughts on “Doing Something Wrong For All The Right Reasons

  1. Whatever you think, you made my senior (and exchange) year amazing, you had friends and nothing was wrong with you !

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