Everyday is an Adventure.

Hello everyone! I hope this blog finds you well and I pray that you are staying safe during this time. A few weeks ago one of my dear friends and I were discussing our states’ rules on how we were to reopen up. They had asked me what I was up to and how my state was reopening. After I had answered the question, my friend had admitted that they were struggling with everyday feeling the same. They asked me how I was staying so busy during this time. I told my friend, “everyday is an adventure.”

I began to explain that everyday is unique. It’s impossible to do the exact same thing everyday. You may do the same activities, but you don’t perform those activities in the exact same way each day. I told my friend that each day I try to do something different than what I did the day before. Even with a simple act of doing something different everyday can change your perspective on the whole situation.

When everyday is an adventure, life never gets boring. You may just need a different mindset. One day take some time to write down different ways you can change up your day so that way every day doesn’t seem boring.

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee

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