Is Quarantine a Hurt or a Help?

If you live in Indiana like me, we have been under the Stay-At-Home order placed by Governor Holcomb since March 23rd. As we come toward the time of discussing reopening the state and even the country, the number of people saying that the Stay-At-Home order is violating their freedoms, in regards not letting them go outside has increased. So is this quarantine helping or hurting?

The intention of the Stay-At-Home order was to slow the spread of the virus and to flatten the curve. This order being put in place also allows hospitals to not overflow with patients. If less people are out on the street, the number of coronavirus and non-coronavirus related cases will go down, therefore keeping as many people that don’t need to be in the hospital, out. This order allows the greatest opportunity to keep people safe and healthy. This also gives everyone the opportunity to see the importance of bonding and spending time with family. I know that since this has began, I’ve seen families on facebook do things where 1 child cooks dinner every night or another family did a dress-up week, where they dressed up as something different every afternoon. Nearby towns have been “cruising” on Fridays and Saturdays. People hop in their cars and drive around town waving at their friends/neighbors. This pandemic might be a blessing in disguise that no one saw coming. You just have to keep your eyes open to look for it.

On the other side of things, lots of times it is really hard to stay in your house everyday. Even though you can go out to get groceries and such, it’s just plain hard to stay in one place for several days in a row. Everyday at 2:30, Governor Holcomb comes on the TV to discuss the latest news. He has always been pleasant and cautious with the steps that the state will take to recover from the virus. Lots of times, he and others on the panel will discuss the importance of exercising whether that be physical or mental health. Many TV channels and social media outlets will use commercials to promote organizations that help with mental health. In regard to physical exercise, I know in Indiana they have encouraged that you go outside and walk as long as you maintain 6 feet from others that you walk by. I think “social distancing” is a bad way to phrase it, I think that it really needs to be “physical distancing” because we can be social with others on FaceTime, Snapchat, Facebook, Zoom, and so much more. We aren’t required to stop being social with others, we are required to physically distance ourselves from other people.

The way I see it is that our government is doing what it needs to do to keep the masses safe. If that means that we, as citizens, have to sacrifice meeting up with friends or taking else trips to go to shopping, then so be it. For the time being, I can shop online or I can FaceTime my friends. A few Sunday’s ago, my Operation Barnabas team decided to have a Zoom call and it was by far the best thing that happened during this whole quarantine. I am grateful for that opportunity to reconnect with a group of kids that I spent three weeks with. It’s crazy to see how everyone has changed in the last two years.

If you ever have concerns about this Stay-At-Home order, lay your concerns at God’s feet. Go to him in prayer and ask him for guidance on how to go forward during this time. Remember that God already knows what happens when this is all over and we must rest in that comfort. Make sure that you stay in contact with loved ones, find creative ways to exercise, and find the joy during this time.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41:10 NIV

A Daughter of Grace, Brylee

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