Bored During Quarantine

Hey guys!
Today we are talking about Quarantine a little bit more! So I’m super excited because the governor just approved to start having elective surgeries which for those of you who do not know, my hip surgery was scheduled late March it was canceled because of COVID-19. That’s really good news and it’s been encouraging to finally hear some good news. I know we talked about that last week, that corona has been an up and down and honestly it’s kept me on the ups! Also, last week we talked about finding God in these times and that has been really helpful as well! However, I know a lot of us are stuck at home and we really are missing certain relationships. I know for me I have been missing my boyfriend, I haven’t seen him in a little over a month and a half and it’s been really hard on me. However, we have been finding things to do other than FaceTime that is special and brings more fun into our everyday house lockdown!
I’m going to give you guys some of the things we do just because it has helped us at this time!
One thing we have done is walk together. What we do is we put our headphones in and we both go on a walk around our neighborhood and just talk. I know for me and Seth some of our favorite things are just nature walks or hikes! Even though we have this distance we’re still able to go on walks together!
Another thing is online board games! There are a lot of websites that offer this and if you and your friends are bored with Skype or facetime! This is a way to spice it up:)
We have tried Webkinz! (If you are old/young enough to know what that is) However, A lot of my friends are unable to remember their old account information.
My final favorite thing is to people watch! My neighbor and I will sit on our separate porches and talk about the people walking by and what we think they are talking about if they are on the phone. Or we ask each other “why they are wearing winter coats and gloves.”
I know this post was a lot different than all my other ones in the past but this is just something to help you stay busy and have fun during Quarantine with your friends even if there is distance between you guys!
Thanks for poppin in,

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