Rough Patches Won’t Stop Me

Hey guys, happy Thursday! I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Raegan and I’m the writer of this blog. I am so glad you can join me today!

Today, we’re going to be talking about a complete reality check in my life. For those of us who do not know. I would consider myself a strong Christian and one who loves Jesus. Even when I have the trials of life.

Even though I follow God in my everyday life. I mean it doesn’t mean I do everything perfect, but I do my best to follow Jesus in the best way possible. Doesn’t mean I’m going to have things in my life that I can stress over. Most people would think Christianity is just this perfect life with no bad. However, it’s not that. They’re definitely trials in my everyday life. This post is going to be like prayer requests and just trials, I’m going through.

Christianity isn’t easy, following God can be hard at times, especially during the hard parts of life.

For, me I get one trial after the next. And it, for example, one of my first ones will be for my aunt. She was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. This was scary for me, my aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We sent loads of prayers her way. Originally the doctor said that it would be terminal. This was really hard on the family, but this didn’t cause me to turn from God although I was mad. My aunt just went to a new doctor in the past couple of weeks. And the new doctor just told her that they can beat this cancer and that she is going to make it to 98th and die peacefully. This was great news for the family. But this didn’t end the trials I went through. I would explain to them all, but that would take to long, so, I will just fast-forward to the most recent one.

For those of you who do not know I have quite the history with my hips. But long story short I had hip surgery in 2014. And it helped, but during recovery, I hit a wall at what should have been month four of recovery. And I couldn’t past it. Fast forward to the last month, my hip has been getting worse and worse and worse. To the point where it goes numb if I sit for too long. Or even to where it will give out on me. So, I went to a new doctor to see what was going on with my hip. And I was just informed that I was going to need a third arthrogram on my right hip and surgery again. It was insane because I wasn’t ready. It for me I get terrible anxiety when it comes to the arthrogram due to the fact of needles going inside of my hip. And this was just another trial my life and how life just got really hard. But that doesn’t mean I stop I continue to smile from day-to-day too long.

Although I am a Christian I go through hard stuff and pain in life, but this year I am learning how to respond to that. And when I was younger it would be to get mad at God and to just turn my back on him. Actually, I would be mad at God then tell God I liked Jesus more. Or vice versa But I’m realizing this is helping me grow in my relationship with Him. And that I couldn’t do anything without him, I hope this inspired someone on how to respond to the hard moments in life. Feel free to contact me or anything 🙂 I am always willing to talk!

Thanks for popping in,


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