Emma Update

Hey guys!

Just wanted to check in with you guys with an update on sweet Emma.

First off, thank you guys so much for your continued prayers. It is a joy to inform you all that Emma is still with us! About a week ago, she moved her hand and opened her eyes! Miracle after miracle has happened in that hospital room, and I thank God for that! Today marks one month since the asthma attack that put Emma into cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped twice & she went 10 minutes without oxygen to her brain. Doctors gave her hours to live and now there is hope that Emma will return home in the beginning of 2020.

God has been so evident through this entire journey, and it is so cool to see. Emma is still in a coma, but soon they plan to wake her up. Specifically, if you guys could pray for her “neurostorming”, I know that is a big concern right now. It has caused many setbacks in the process of trying to wake her up, and it is just another hurdle she needs to jump. Today, the family received information on caring for Emma at home, adjustments that need made to their house, and the type of life Emma will live upon returning home. Prayers regarding her parents and family as they try to navigate that hurdle would be so appreciated!

It has also been so awesome to see different communities around the state and beyond come together to support Emma. The support, love & prayers from others have been so encouraging and uniting.

I am glad to report back to you guys that Emma is making progress, but she still has a mountain to climb. Keep praying, God’s not done with her! I hope you guys have a great week! Love, Alyssa

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