Not Defeated

Hey guys, happy Thursday. I know it is odd for me to post so late in the day, but life has been crazy. Just like Alyssa this weekend I was serving at In & Out. For those of you who didn’t see her post, it’s a retreat close to home. For me, we had 30 girls in one house. I was given the ability to talk about salvation to these girls. Also, teach them what reflecting God looks like. There is a post somewhere by me, talking about reflecting God.

But, recently I just started a small at homegroup with middle school girls. We meet on Tuesdays and we met the Tuesday for the first time. We are going over the book Goliath Must Fall, by Louie Giglio. A phenomenal book, one-hundred percent recommend. But, in case you can’t tell it is about giant sin our lives. And defeating them. We learned this week about even though the giant is dead, its still deadly. 

Louie used a great analogy and compared it to a snakehead. 

Even tho the snakehead has been removed from the body, the body still moves and if you hold it. It will wrap around the arm of the person holding it.

We learned about how Satan was defeated by Jesus dying on the cross for us, but Satan is still deadly even though he has been defeated.

I was given the ability with my girls to explain one of my giants and how even though it has fallen, it still is there from day to day. This was the giant of confidence, I struggle with self-confidence quite a bit. Before this year I had very low confidence, but over the course of the last year, I was able to defeat this giant. This giant is dead, but for me, it is still deadly. There has been a number of mornings where I have woke up with a pimple on my nose and my confidence plumped but I have learned that it doesn’t matter. I won’t see these people in a few months and no one will ever remeber. 

Long story short I was able to open up to my girls and watch them slowly open up to me, and I got to learn a lot about them, 🙂

Sorry, this was a shorter post, but I wanted to remind everyone, what I taught my girls this weekend. Your problem might be dead but it is still deadly. For example confidence from day to day. We are not defeated the giant is defeated. We are NOT DEFEATED! Don’t forget that!

Thanks for popping in,


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