Hey guys, welcome back to our page! My name is Alyssa and I am one of the owners of this blog. I hope this post finds you well.

Today, I come to you guys pleading. Please pray for Emma. Emma is a cheerleader at my school with the kindest heart, and she is currently fighting for her life in the ICU. We need a miracle for her to be healed, and we know that God is the only true miracle worker than can deliver this.

It was such a God thing that I learned about Emma Sunday morning. I was volunteering with my middle school girls and we were talking about how God does the impossible. We were learning about the story of Moses and the Red Sea. For those of you guys who do not know the story, I’ll tell ya about it.

God told Moses to go talk to the Israelites. The only problem is that between Moses and the Israelites was a sea. Not just a river, but the Red Sea. How could Moses possibly get to God’s people? He can’t just swim across an ocean, or walk around it. Moses knew that He needed God to preform a miracle through him to make this possible. God told Moses to raise his staff and to stretch his hand over the sea. Next thing you knew, the winds came and the sea split. God made a way for the impossible to become possible. (Exodus 14)

One of the key verses that really stuck out to me is when Moses told the Egyptians “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today… The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.” Exodus 14: 13-14

We need to not be afraid with what comes for Emma, we need to give it to God. We need to stand firm in our faith and trust that the miracle worker will deliver once again. We need to tell our storm about our God and tell God that we believe He can do the impossible.

“God, we love you. We thank you for Emma and her kind spirit. God, right now, we are praying for a miracle. We know that you give and take all things, and we pray that you will give healing and health to Emma. We pray that you will keep your gracious and peaceful hand over Emma, her family & friends, as well as her healthcare team. Be with the hands of the nurses and the hearts of the family. We’ve seen you move mountains and we wholly believe that you can and WILL do it again. We raise a hallelujah louder than our fears. Let dry bones be awaken. Let others come to know You through this situation. God, we need a miracle that only you can grant. You are the ultimate peacemaker, the greatest Father, the Miracle Worker. We cry out to you for the sake of Emma. We love You. Amen.”

Maybe this story of Emma has you thinking. Maybe it has you wondering about where you stand with God. If you were to die right now, where would you go? If you want to talk to someone about this, I beg of you to do so. Email me, DM me, text me, call me, send me a letter, heck, send a smoke signal. I would love to navigate this with you and help you know where you are going.

Please pray for Emma.

Have a good week guys,


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