Iced Coffee or Eternity?

Hey guys! It’s Alyssa & I am so glad that you’re here! I think that it is so crazy that we are almost half way through August!! As classes start and summer ends,I found it essential to have this conversation with you all today.

Today, I will be talking about something that nobody wants to acknowledge. This is something that is so sensitive to SO many, and I’m going to enter this conversation with you all regardless of how this may make you feel.

Let me tell you a story.

About this time last year, my life was going at full speed ahead. I was involved in so many activities and found so much joy through them. I had 3 jobs- A local ice cream stand, a local meat and cheese store, and I had a consistent weekly babysitting job that I considered to be a job.

I also was enrolled in some nursing classes, to get a head start on my end goal of being a medical missionary. Along with these nursing classes, I was still in high school, so I had those classes too.

I was elected the Junior Class President- something that I’ve been working for since the 5th grade.

Along with Class President, I could also be found in many, many clubs throughout the school, including a Bible study, Student Council, Key Club, a Kindness Club, along with Pep Club.

In my church, I was involved in children’s ministry (Something that I have loved to be involved in since the 6th grade), as well as youth group.

Life seemed to be going so well, I thought I was managing my life well (Or at least as well as you can as a 16 year old) and I felt like I fit in with everyone because my calendar was filled. But then, I realized something that I looked over time and time again.

Each and every thing I was involved in consumed all of my time. Many Sundays were spent at Starbucks trying to catch up for the week or get ahead for the next. This time of my life is when my anxiety started to get bad, and my stress levels were through the roof. The more and more I committed myself to, was another step that I took away from my Creator.

What I realized next might not sit with you well. When I realized this, I was so full of emotions trying to pick apart what this all meant and what I needed to do.

Satan uses busyness as a vice to put a wedge between us and the One who was never too busy to pursue us.

Our society has etched it into our brains that if your schedule isn’t full, then your life is a failure. They say if you don’t have a really cool story to tell your friends after the weekend, then you’ve failed at life. Yes, having plans is a good thing, we were made to have fellowship and to have relationships with each other. But, we were not made to let our plans be our priority.

Jesus came and died for you and I to make a “bridge” from this Earthly, messy life, to a peaceful, perfect one in Heaven. A powerful way Satan tries to break that bridge is through busyness. When our priorities are our plans instead of our Creator, Satan wins.

For me, Satan was winning in many ways. He won by my busyness, my anxiety and my stress. These 3 things consumed me, and I lost sight of Jesus. Even though I realized that I needed to change what seemed was “too late”, I then realized we are never too far from Jesus. Even though I put other things as my priorities, He remained the same constant, loving God that He was & is & is to be.

God really spoke to me that I need to drop a few things from my life that were consuming me. So, within a week, I quit 2 of my 3 jobs, decided to drop my nursing classes, and cut down on my commitment in my clubs. Let me tell you, after I made and acted on these decisions, my anxiety & stress improved, and I was able to focus on God more than ever before! Shortly before these changes in my life, Raegan and I began the planning for this blog page. This gave me a constant thing to pray for and work on, and this has strengthened my faith more than ever!

I began to pray that I would find a job that would allow me to have Sunday’s off, and would be flexible for me to be involved in more church activities. Suddenly I find myself at an interview at Chick-Fil-A! I got the job and this relieved so much stress of my shoulders. I found a job that gave me a constant day of rest, flexible scheduling and better yet, was a Christian company! I am still at that same job to this day, and it is such a blessing to work for such an amazing company!

As I begin to wrap up, I have a challenge for you ALL. This is something that is going to test your faith, 100%. I encourage you to first PRAY, ASSESS, and ACT on what God is telling you to do regarding your busyness.

I challenge you to find at least 1 way that Satan uses busyness to consume your life. Maybe it’s a job, a sport, a club or even a class. I challenge you to first seek God for wisdom.

Pray that His will would be done, and that you will faithfully follow what He is saying. Then, assess. Take a look at your life. Maybe, you even need to write things down. Think about everything that you are involved in or that you spend time on. Maybe you’re in a sport that you don’t even care about & God is telling you to quit to pursue Him stronger. Maybe you are in this class that you spend forever studying for that isn’t THAT important. Think about something that Satan is using to control you. Then, act. Act on what God is telling you to change. Maybe this is as simple as changing your work availability to not work Sundays so you can go to church.

Now, let me get this straight. I’m not telling you to call your coach right now and tell them that you’re quitting. I’m not telling you to drop out of college. I pray that you would just hear out what I am saying. I’m not saying that being involved in things is bad and you shouldn’t be social.

I’m saying to drop the thing that is drawing you away from the One who is NEVER too busy for you. Clear up some time to spend with God. Give up getting Starbucks every day so that you can afford to not work Sunday mornings so you can go to church.Not having a known eternity or a relationship with Jesus is FAR MORE of an issue than having an iced coffee- guaranteed.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God.”

If our lives are full of chaos and busyness, how can we be still and have an understanding of God?

I hope this post moves you guys. I pray that it will challenge you to make a change in your life to fully pursue Jesus. I hope you have an amazing week!


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