Ew! Monopoly!!

Hey guys! It’s Raegan and I’m going to be trying something a little different on this post. I’m going to talk about an experience from last summer while explaining what I talked about. 
Last summer, as some of you know I went on a mission trip out in California! It was crazy! 
On this trip, everyone was given an object and was told to teach a lesson on it. 
Mine was Monopoly. I was terrified when I was given this as my object, for many reasons. 
One being I, hate Monopoly. And ya, that’s the only reason. But let me tell you, that game is not my friend whatsoever. So we were given help, and I took all I could get, with open arms! 
It was July 14th, and the leaders told me that I would be sharing my lesson in front of whoever shows up to this program we were putting on. 
Yes, I get nervous about things like this, especially with a bunch of peers. If we are going to be completely honest,  I was more nervous about my team(peers) listening then anyone else. 
Luckily, by this time I had a really fantastic friend on my team, who was very sweet, had a lot of patience, and very wise! He helped me prepare and calm down and just be more ready then I thought was possible for me, in front of my peers!
Honestly, when I got up there it wasn’t bad, I just couldn’t juggle a microphone, my bible, some pieces of Monopoly, and myself! I dropped a lot of things, but overall it went well!
Next week, I’m going to talk about how Monopoly goes with the Bible. Just like I did July 14th, 2018!
Thanks for popping in 

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