Happy Thursday!! Almost done with the week! I’m all ready for the weekend!! Yall are never going to guess what I did. Actually some might. I LOST MY JOURNAL AGAIN!! But it’s okay because the days I am planning on talking about I remember quite well! In case you don’t follow our insta (which you totally should), this week I am talking about our trip to Union Rescue Mission. One I will never forget, lots of tears were shed this day, and I made a great friendship, that we will get to later 😉 This relationship is a good one!

It was June 28th and this day means orientation is over, which means it is the first time we get to do a program and the Cross Illustration. I was so incredibly excited! We started this day with the ability to help out at Summer Day Camp at Downey Christian School. It was so nerve-racking and so exciting at the same time. We started off playing games with the kids. There were a ton of kids! We played hospital tag. Let me tell you there were these four little kids who would team up and tag me! But quickly after a few rounds of tag, some kids decided to stop playing. This caught my attention, I needed a breather because (me and running, that’s a ZOINKS! Not a fan) So I saw them and I was like, “wow these kids are saving me because I’m so out of shape!” So, I walked over, and at first these kids hardly talked to me, but after three minutes and me singing “POW CHICKA POW WA” (I don’t know why but the kids loved that!), and a few awkward minutes, I got them talking and we made up a song about how cool our “POW CHICKA POW WA WAS.” This song was definitely a jam! Better than any song on the radio. HAHA, I wish. I also told them all about the puppets and they couldn’t wait!! So by the end of the game of tag, I had like ten kids in my “POW CHICKA POW WA.”

So we got to go inside to do our program for the kids! Sadly, I lost the program paper and I can’t remember what we got to do, but I remember getting all my kids out of my “POW CHICKA POW WA” to dance; also doing the Cross Illustration.

The Cross Illustration is one of the many great things the leaders of Operation Barnabas equipped us with. The Cross Illustration is like magic! It is so cool! With a single piece of paper, folds, and one tear, you can make a cross!

So I was given the opportunity to do it with a group of kids, but I saw this one little chick sitting out. So I decided to do the Cross Illustration for her!

One of my favorite parts is the kids face when they unfold the cross! With this single sheet of paper, I was able to explain to this girl who was only 8, the importance of the cross. I told her that “Jesus died on the cross for our sins and forgives us of what we have done wrong,” I asked her if she has ever prayed and asked Jesus into her life. She told me, yes, but she quickly told me that she never knew that Jesus forgave everyone for all their sins. I told her that He does and that’s why we should forgive others. She looked at me with her cute brown eyes and said “Miss. Raegan, will you pray with me to forgive someone?” I’m going, to be honest, I was near tears. I told her yes, and I asked her about who we were forgiving. She told me this story about how her cousin was just killed last month and he was only 18. She asked me if we could pray together to forgive the man who killed her cousin. I looked at her with a huge smiled and said: “yes, do you want to start the prayer?” She said yes, and began to pray. By the end, if the prayer she was crying and oh my! My heart!! So God gave me a great opportunity this day to pray with a little girl to forgive someone.

Well, after that, we headed back to the bus and headed to Skid Row. I was praying for an opportunity to talk to someone on the bus and just open up with what was on my heart. I don’t know if I have informed you guys reading this, but I always have to go to the bathroom before we hit the road or anything. So, of course, that’s what I did, I entered the bus and I was the last one. I was nervous about where I was going to to go sit. I saw this one teammate and he wanted to sit by me but I wanted to sit by someone new. I looked around, and there was this boy I few rows back sitting there all alone, I didn’t know much about him but I couldn’t wait to talk to him. (No one will ever guess who it is.)

So I got to talk to him the first time ever this day. And listen I know boys pretty well and I struggle opening up to them. But this boy there was something totally different. He listened to me as no one has before. We talked for the whole bus ride. I opened up to him and he opened up to me. Later talking to him I found out we both were praying for the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen and talk about what’s on our hearts. He listened to me like there was no one else around, it was incredible and I was so grateful I got to talk to him. (This boy is still to this day great at listening and helping my brain work and helping me through things. Does anyone know who it is?? Seth!)

We arrived at Skid Row and for those of you who don’t know what Skid Row is,  Skid Row is located in Los Angeles, California and it is the biggest homeless area in the United States.  It is approximately 50 city blocks which is equivalent to 0.4 square miles.

We arrived at Union Rescue Mission, the bus became silent. We all were nervous and didn’t know what to expect. We were told to grab our stuff and to go inside. We walked inside of this building and my heart shattered, there were so many people there without homes. I am completely a people watcher, so I did what I do in every situation. I looked around, something caught my eye it was an older woman in a wheelchair and she held her phone with one hand and signed with the other. (I have been taking sign language for a little over a year and a half.) So I observed her signing to the person on the phone, she signed very fast but every sign I could catch broke my heart. She was signing about how much she missed her family, and how she wanted a job so she can live in her own house, watching her sign those things broke my heart.

We were brought into this side room, it was beautiful it is where they sang and did church services. We were told everything that was going on! So every month at this Rescue Mission they host a birthday party for everyone who has a birthday in the month. They informed us how some of us were going to help with that and others were going to serve meals and help prepare meals. We brought all of our stuff to where we were sleeping. GUESS WHERE WE WERE SLEEPING?!?!? THE ROOF!

To be continued next week!!! It was already long, so I’ll continue it next Thursday, make sure to check in and here about, how a man “married” me to all 8 of his sons, and a nine year olds interesting conversation. Have a great week! This is a picture of Jillian and me on the roof. With my classic OB bun!

Have a great week,


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