Last days of Orientation

Welcome back!! Glad to see that we are growing in views! Hope everyone is having a great week!!This post is about the last two days of orientation! These were my two favorite days of orientation! Enjoy!

On June 25 (journal)

“Once again, not much help and we sat around  learning our choir songs. They told us we were going to do an activity. Then we figured out what team we were on!! I’M ON SOCAL! Kind of bumming; I don’t know anyone on this team. It might be because I only talked to three people. Its my fault. But it will be a good opportunity for me.

June 26th Explained,

So this day was super busy!!! In the morning we did devotions and more choir! 

Also today, we had another lesson from Ed about evangelism. He taught us about Living On Mission! And how to fish for people with the analogy FISH! This is one of my favorite things I learned on OB! The analogy FISH teaches us how to connect with people! This is what Alyssa talked about Monday, make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

F- stands for Friendly! Were we should be friendly and just listen!

I- stands for Initiate! Start the conversation and ask them questions.

S- stands for Story! Listen to their story(use God talk) not normal everyday talk.

H- Stands for Hope! Give them hope. (Ask is there anything I can pray for?)


So like my journal says we were told our assignmentswe were doing an activity but they gave us a bag with M&M’s to tell us what team we were on. At this point I have really only talked to Brittany, Anna and Tyler. Guess what?!? They all ended up on The North California team. But like I wrote in my journalI saw it as a great opportunity for me to meet more people! We were quickly separated into 3-groups! (3-groups definitely was something I looked forward to daily.) In 3-groups we worked on our skits, puppet shows and dances!! We obviously were the best group for many reasons!! 

We had Max and Margaret Olmedo as our leaders.

And an amazing group of people! I loved each and every one of them!!

We had some of the hardest dances;) and we got them down!!!

My 3-group consisted of Max, Margaret, Seth, Sarah, Micah, Adele, Megan, Tommy, Josh, Jared and Morgan.

Those are only a few of the reasons; why were a great 3-group!

Then we ended the night with great teaching by TK and Sherilyn called “No Fear”!

On June 26 (journal)

I woke up multiple times throughout the night because my baby cows cramped up. Today I got Chick-fil-A for the first time ever. I finally got my voice back!! I received a solo!! Like what I can’t sing!?!?!? HAHAHA GOTEM it’s in speech choirnot regular choir because I can’t sing too well. I only cried 12 times today.

So I bet you are all like whaaat, she is CRAZY! What does she mean by her baby cows cramping up? (My calfs.) Hahahah ya I know kinda weird, but that’s a glimpse of my wild imagination of a mind.) 

Well, once we woke up, we did our normal of personal devotion time and I have to say started loving it this day. The first few days I‘ll be honest I struggled to focus. But this day oh my! I didn’t want to stop! 

But we had to begin practicing. We started with choir. Still, I struggle to sing (due to my inability to sing and me having half a voice). The poor people next to me! I messed up a lot. I hardly knew how to sing the right part! 

But then, we went straight into 3-group practice! I loved that! My favorite part and it got me through not being able to sing. 

Once again, Ed Lewis did a great talk about evangelism!! This time we talked about how everyone sins. Because that can really help when you are talking to someone and reminding them that everyone sins and falls short of the glory of God, however, he still forgives all: through grace, not by works. 

Like I said up there, I ATE CHICK-FIL-A for the first time EVER! Now I can’t get enough. (Honest moment I text either my mom or grandma for Chick-Fil-A at least three times a week.

Then, we had an amazing pasta dinner. After the amazing meal (two plates of pasta and five pieces of bread) After a great dinner we were able to practice everything we have learned so far from Ed. We were given many different situations. I was given the ability to sit down with an older gentleman. This older gentleman had to pretend to believe in science. He was giving me quite a challenge, because I haven’t talked to someone who believed strictly in science before. At the end of it, he said I did well for my first time! So that was good!! 

After that we were given a challenge hour, this was crazy. Lots of tears were shed between my partner and me. 

My partner was Lanie! We talked about forgiveness!! Since this interaction,  we have become great friends, and we have been accountability partners since OB! It is so great to talk to her from week to week and see how she is doing, and to tell her how I am doing! OB showed me the importance of Godly relationships. This would be only one of the plenty I got! I will talk about each one when I mention a new person! Lanie is definitely one of the many great friendships I made on OB!! 

Thanks for checking in this week! I hope everyone is having a great week! 

If you have any questions about this feel free to email us at We will check it just about every day or so! :)

Follow our Instas, all the information is on our contact page! Make sure to check in next week because we finally hit the road on my next post! Can’t wait to share!

Below is a picture of Lanie 🙂

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