Hello there! I am so glad you joined me! I’m Raegan, I live and pray to live a life evident of Jesus Christ. I pray that you feel comfortable here, that your heart would be open to this messages and that you are overwhelmed with the purpose and love that Jesus has for you! Also, feel free to search any word in the search bar to see if there is a post on what you want to hear about. If not feel free to leave me and email to give me ideas! 🙂 adaughterofgraceblog@gmail.com

Blessings, Raegan ♥

What People Say

“This Blog is amazing. To read about young people boldly proclaiming the love of God and not just that but also acting it out brings great encouragement to me. Also, seeing how God is working in their lives is inspiring, to see these humble servants of God is a great reminder of what Jesus has called us out to do.”

Paul Vanags

“Honestly, reading the “a daughter of grace” posts always brightens up my day and put a reminder in my life of what our focus should be. I love reading it and getting a glimpse into what christ is doing in the lives of other believers”

Hailey Hensley

“It’s so refreshing to read about a young person who isn’t afraid to be transparent and vulnerable about her faith.  Life is not easy, but she attacks it head on, using her faith as a shield.  She is an inspiration.”

Kathy Coersmeyer


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